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How To Make Yourself More Interesting…With Aplomb Tip 17

September 9, 2011

Sometimes, attracting attention may be as simple as being yourself. I have a friend from Sand Mountain, Alabama. People from this region of the state speak with a very distinct accent. Even other Alabamians find their accent a tad bit foreign. It’s neither the drawl of Central Alabama nor the Mobile-region’s characteristic habit of dropping R’s as in “my Muhtha”; but has a bit of mountain “twang” to it. My friend, Jamie, is a beautiful, tall dancer with flowing red curly hair. She’s 100% Sand Mountain! Now, being an aspiring actress, she moved to New York City years ago to pursue her dream. She did not, however, leave her roots. She walked the streets of Manhattan wearing her signature blue-denim overalls, hair glistening in the sun, greeting all lucky enough to catch her eye with a good ole’ typical Sand Mountain, Alabama: “Hi! Y’all have a blessed day.”

Jamie never walked the streets of Manhattan alone. She always had her dog, Bear, with her. Bear’s name was somewhat of a misnomer, however, as he only weighed four pounds and fitted neatly into Jamie’s top front overall pocket. Needless to say, Bear and Jamie, both cute as buttons, attracted attention pleasantly and with aplomb. Bear had quite a personality of his own. He would spontaneously break out in song (dogs can sing, y’all know) at problematic times. Jamie would dance around her apartment with him and sing and he would throw his tiny head back and howl (sing) along. His favorite of all songs was “Jesus Loves Me”; and until Jamie sang that particular song, Bear wouldn’t go to sleep. Once Jamie and Bear were enjoying a meal at a local establishment (remember: it’s New York—dogs are allowed everywhere) when Bear decided he wanted Mama to sing to him. No amount of shushing would deter Bear from howling at the top of his lungs. Finally, an exasperated Jamie just sang out Jesus Loves Me right there in the middle of the restaurant. Only then did Bear settle down and go happily off to sleep.

To know Jamie is to love her. To love her is to remember her. And, because she is uniquely Jamie, she has always attracted people like flies to honey. AND she successfully wrote, directed and starred in a motion picture opposite Peter DeLuise (Dom’s son); and performed off Broadway with Dixie Carter, best known for her role in “Designing Women and Desperate Housewives.” So, don’t be afraid to be yourself.

I might point out, in case it hasn’t already occurred to you: Jamie’s celebrity would have been different merely walking the streets of Sand Mountain. She would have been less interesting to folks who shared her accent, style and outlook. Her success in New York was helped by her novelty there. Can you think of others who have taken the world by storm by just being themselves, using their gifts, and by having desire, faith and effort?

You might say that, in her own delightful way, Jamie engaged the culture. By being her lovely, innocent self, she attracted people and prosperity likes flies to honey. She was unassuming, unpretentious and honest with herself and those she encountered—all
of this by simply being herself. She defied the old maxim: when in Rome do as Romans do. (17) To make yourself more interesting you need to be willing to engage the culture–like Jamie…and, uh, Bear, of course!

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