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Making Yourself More Interesting

September 12, 2011

People who refuse to engage the culture are boring. They get stuck in the muck of their own importance; and, truth be known, they’re not important at all. They just think they are. They merely simulate prominence by refusing to really get to know others and engage them. Such people are not really interested in a perspective beyond their own. They preach “tolerance” and all the other buzz-words of our PC (politically correct) world; but, meanwhile, they lack the heart and wisdom to truly examine the claims of others and engage them on their own turf. These people are accusers, demagogues, bigots and cowards; and they come in all sizes, shapes and colors. And, oh yeah, they spring from a myriad of political and religious perspectives and from no perspective at all. They are closed-minded, uninteresting, intellectual frauds. Following are three illustrations of these types. Don’t be un-engaging and un-interesting like them. For people to find you interesting you must be willing to reconnoiter (explore) their thinking and expose them to your own. It’s all a matter of listening and learning before judging. If you’re unable to do this, other people will never truly connect with you. I’m certainly not suggesting you compromise your principles. I’m suggesting that, if you wish to share your principles with others, you must engage them. In order to engage them you must be interesting. Part of making yourself interesting to others is communicating with them. Examples to follow.

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