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How To Make Yourself More Interesting: Engage The Culture

September 16, 2011

First illustration of uninteresting people: In 1998, I published a novel entitled The Slash Brokers. It’s about the illegal international trade in human organs, a serious work of fiction based on the modern-day dark-side of human activities—that is, it exposes real and present evil. But it is also a story of love, adventure and survival written from a Christian world viewpoint. Unfortunately, the publisher designed a hellish looking cover with the book’s title dripping down like blood—certainly eye-catching.

I once conducted a book signing outside a bookstore in a large U.S mall. The Friday evening shoppers were quite numerous, dozens strolling by my display every few seconds. I couldn’t help but notice that the people who seemed least interested in my novel, if not repelled by it, were those who had the shiny little crosses hanging from their necks—Christians! They would take one look at the cover, turn their noses up in the air and pass by refusing to make eye contact with me. They literally judged my book by its cover, for which, I could not blame them. However, I do find fault with them for refusing to engage the culture, to engage me!

Their faces spoke of disgust for not only my book but for me—how dare you write another of those slasher novels! You sinful heathen! And all the while, I was thinking: Wait, stop. Let me tell you about my book. You’ll become educated about an evil the Church should be aware of and oppose. But they walked right by. What they should have done was stop, ask questions; and if they thought I was a lost reprobate writer, they should have told me about His saving grace and helped me find the Savior. I guess they were happy to pass me by and let me stay lost! They were either judging me, accusing me; or they were afraid to engage me which, in my view, makes them cowards and fakes. Either way, they should not wear the cross. Jesus engaged even the most wicked people. And by so doing, He turned the world system on its head. Many of His modern-day followers have forgotten this.

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  1. Dan Sherling permalink

    Well said my friend! The cover is a bit misleading as to the content of your work. If those people proudly displaying their religious jewelry had only stopped for a moment they could have enjoyed not only meeting a friendly Christian writer, but also walk away with a good read!

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