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Apathy: This Country’s Worst Enemy

September 27, 2011

Apathy is this country’s worst enemy and, left unchecked, will eventually destroy us. We are not subjects of the United States Government. The U.S. Government is subject to us—the people! At least that’s the way it’s supposed to work. Apathy, however, is prepping us for tyranny. Apathy thinks we have tired of freedom. And apathy may be right. Just look how few people vote these days, but never miss an opportunity to whine about the way things are.

Likewise, apathy is also your personal nemesis whether you know it or not. Apathy will sap you of energy and confuse your direction about as fast as the worst disease you can name. The Center for Disease Control ought to add “apathy” as a major killer of Americans—a slow, silent and insidious killer. What is it with us? Has prosperity become our curse? Are we so fat and happy living off the fruited plain, that we’ve lost our verve for life, become the “whatever” generation?

I’ll not have it. I will not allow my body to coach my mind into a state of dull mediocrity and willing passivity! Interesting people who wish to attract freedom and prosperity must be alert and engaged. Here are some tips for defeating apathy in your life:  1. Remove all the mirrors from your home. Instead of looking into mirrors, look out of windows and see what needs are there.  2. Get rid of the TV and read great books—about anything. (We haven’t had TV for two years. It’s wonderful.)  3. Walk a mile every day. It is amazing how a walk opens the eyes, feeds the brain and airs the soul.  4. Find someone to help, if only in some small way.


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