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Give An Artist A Hug

October 8, 2011

I was on the road last week visiting with artists and admiring their works in progress. It’s one thing to walk around in a gallery – another thing altogether to sit down with the artist in the studio, see and hear him/her, surrounded by emerging creations.

If you think the economy is bad, visit an artist. Metal artist Lucas Stokes told me on Tuesday in Muscle Shoals, Alabama that art’s the first casualty of a downturn. I can relate. As co-owner of an interior design business, I know first hand how a real estate crash affects artists. All artists. 

But without artists, life’s empty. They feel what our minds can’t touch. They hear the plaintive cries of shapes and colors, and untangle elusive emotions our unsettled hearts can’t fathom without their aid. My mood can change in an instant just looking at one of Josh Moates’ incredible photographs, a Barbara Davis landscape, a Craig Carson sculpture, or one of Melissa Tubbs pen and inks that really “speaks” to my being.

Of course, God is the greatest artist of all. He reminds us with every sunset that hope reigns eternal. Pray for a better economy and give your favorite artist a hug today.


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  1. Such a thoughtful post, and so true! There is nothing like art to move a person.

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