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My Friend Ricky

October 26, 2011

I have a friend, Ricky, who picks up cans along the road near where I live. That’s what he does for a living. He has little education but is a warm, intelligent man, about 40. He has no car, so has had little success with most jobs. He refuses welfare, preferring to work for his keep. Ricky lives in a run-down house with several cats. His Mom used to lived there, too. But he’s alone now. A while back, Ricky hurt his leg mowing someone’s yard. He can be seen now, even on the hottest day, working along down the road…with the help of a walker. Miles and miles a day. Always a big grin. Always a wave. I received a “Halloween card” from Ricky the other day. The world needs more like him.  

Our church has created a new ministry: Cans for Ricky.


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  1. Is the the most bittersweet story I have heard in a while. How could you not help this man?
    Thank you for sharing. I will be saving my cans.

  2. Janice Dunn permalink

    Where do you turn in the cans? I’ve seen this gentleman near the Waugh BP and wondered what his story was. This week I was priviledged to attend Dr. Bruce Wilkinson’s seminar, I WAS BORN FOR THIS, at Frazer. This is exactly what Dr. Wilkinson was sharing: t we need to act when something tugs at us to meet a need. Thanks, Jeff, for being open to God’s nudge/bump to help this man and meet his need.

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